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Celebrate the Study of Our Planet

For more than 50 years, NASA has offered unique views and knowledge of Earth through the contributions of the hundreds of Earth explorers across the nation who study the complex interactions among the planet’s air, land, water, ice and life.

Earth science offers many exciting career paths in the geosciences and beyond, from agriculture, chemistry, atmospheric science, and engineering to art, education, and journalism. Women@NASA celebrates the contributions of female Earth Explorers by featuring first-hand accounts of women who have advanced the study of Earth through their careers.

Earth Science Week 2013: Mapping Our World celebrates the importance of maps to represent complex phenomena about our planet. From the technologies used to collect information about the interconnections between Earth’s air, land, water, ice and life, to thousands of images, maps and visualizations, NASA helps us see our world like never before. Celebrate ESW with NASA to learn more about how the agency contributes to the world of mapping and how you, too, can take part in mapping our world.

Join NASA and celebrate the study of our planet! Visit for information on upcoming events, blog posts by NASA Earth Explorers, articles, educational resources, and more, and discover the important role of mapping in NASA Earth science.

Earth Explorers Profiles

Learn more about how scientists explore the Earth by reading about these fantastic women!  Each picture to the right and link below signifies a scientist who studies the Earth.  Teachers: Use these profiles to enhance your science lessons this year.  We hope you find their stories inspiring, for their work may keep our Blue Marble a beautiful vision in the Universe.

Jennifer Evans
Dorothy Peteet
Erica Alston
Claire Parkinson
Erika Podest
Cynthia Rosenzweig
Tanya Petach
Lucy McFadden

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Featured Stories

Jennifer Eigenbrode

Julie Williams Byrd

Wendy Pennington

Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger

Lelia Vann