For Mentors of NASA GIRLS and BOYS

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How to Become A Mentor

Every NASA employee is invited to be a mentor for NASA GIRLS or NASA BOYS.   The deadline to sign up for the current summer program is July 1, 2015.  More details on lessons, program logistics, etc will be communicated to you through email. You can email Mamta Nagaraja (in Global) to volunteer.  The dates of the program are July 6-August7, 2015. You will meet with your mentee for one hour per week for those 5 weeks.

NASA GIRLS and BOYS Mentor Lesson Packets

The lesson packets will be emailed to you as there will be some solutions included.  Any supporting material necessary will be posted here.

Group B: Spinoff PDF on Robotic Surgeries

Mentor Packet

Those who volunteer usually have a knack for or direct experience with mentoring.  We will not offer any specific training in how to be a mentor, but we will guide you by answering any questions you have.  We’ve hosted this program for three previous years  so we know some of the kinks that may surface.  You are welcome to ask anything you wish, as others will inevitably have similar questions.  Our goal is to make you comfortable for these five weeks!

The lesson packets will give you choices of lessons to use for each week.  However, if you have something else you would like to try, you are welcome to do so.  The main thing is that each student gets to interact with you regardless of what the lesson is.  Each student is different, and it will ultimately be up to you to get to know him/her and tailor the lessons to that.  If you have any issues, you are welcome to reach out to us.