Women@NASA’s Aspire 2 Inspire (A2I) program was created by the 2011 NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) FIRST fellows with support from Women@NASA.  The fellows have since completed the program, and now A2I is managed by the Women@NASA team.

Get Involved

We hope you have watched the STEM films provided on this website and perhaps felt inspired to know more! We aim to maintain a conversation with you through Twitter updates and the Engage page. If you are interested in NASA, science, and/or technology and want to be involved, join us on Twitter (@a2iSTEM) or comment on the Engage page.  On Facebook, leave us a post on our main page here.

Mission, Vision, and Goals: Aspire 2 Inspire

The Aspire 2 Inspire team set about the project by breaking it up into components. We wanted to spark the interest of young students, and particularly young girls, and we chose to use the short digital films featuring early career women at NASA to do just that. These films can be used together or separately as particular audiences desire.

Next, we wanted to connect by establishing a broad reach across not only formal education channels but also  a network of clubs, societies, and other institutions that focus on development of girls in the same age range. These groups can use the content we created for career days, merit badges, and other STEM-related purposes.

With spark and connect in mind, we wanted to ensure we also engaged the audience. We use relevant social media to create a forum for continued conversation.

We also created an overview film that works to tie the story together in the context of NASA and asks what young girls aspire to do for the next step.

Why did we do all this? We believe young girls should be empowered because they are valuable and can make significant contributions to STEM.



The 2011 NASA JSC FIRST Fellows are pictured above.

Front row from left: Julie Mitchell, Elena Fermin, Diane Dailey
Back row from left: Jesse Buffington, David Lantz, Michael Duckworth, Steve Wilson