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NASA GIRLS and NASA BOYS are virtual mentoring programs using commercially available video chat programs to pair NASA mentors with young students anywhere in the country. NASA GIRLS and NASA BOYS gives young students the opportunity to interact and learn from real engineers, scientists, and technologists. There are so many different fields and NASA wants to show you how they all contribute to science, technology, engineering, and math.

About Our Mission and Our Goals

Our Mission

• To increase public support and awareness of NASA Education programs
• To increase engagement and future employment of women and girls in STEM field studies
• To increase opportunities for American students per the Educate to Innovate effort
• To increase interest and engagement of STEM and NASA in underrepresented communities
• To inspire young girls to pursue STEM fields and further close the gender gap
• To provide NASA and Women@NASA an opportunity to impact a broader audience
• To provide STEM engagement through an experiential learning opportunity

Our Goals

• To increase the relevancy of learning science, technology, engineering, and math to girls
• To increase critical thinking skills of young students
• To encourage girls to take initiative & inspire their peers and communities to learn about STEM
• To show students how they can make a difference in the world through STEM careers
• To provide an innovative, relavent, fun, and creative way to learn about STEM
• To increase interest in STEM among young girls
• To make STEM and space a more relatable and tangible learning experience

Here’s one of our NASA GIRLS building a model rocket with her family. It’s inspiring what kind of joy STEM can stimulate!

A special thank you is in order to Ava’s dad for producing this video for us. THANK YOU!