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Get Involved Women at NASA 

There are lots of ways you can get involved with Women@NASA.   Pick your favorites, and take advantage of these wonderful women who want to help YOU!

Target Group: Grades 5-8

The NASA G.I.R.L.S. program virtually pairs young girls with women at NASA to do lessons relating to science, technology, engineering, and math.  These women could be astronauts, astronaut trainers, mission control engineers, managers, accountants, technologists, or scientists.  But most of all, these women believe in the young girls-the future of this world.  Visit the website and follow @WomenNASA on Twitter to learn more!

Target Group: All Students (Especially Grades 9-12)

The Aspire 2 Inspire (A2I) program allows students to engage with young professional women at NASA and learn about what real engineers and scientists to do in STEM careers.  Students often hear “STEM” or “Engineering” but sometimes it is so difficult to know exactly what that means in the real world!  A2I tries to explain STEM using NASA as a way to tell the story.  Students should watch the five videos on the website, from an overview of STEM to specific videos in each of the STEM categories.  Students can follow our suggested structure program and receive a completion certificate.  Learn more here. The women also engage with students on Twitter @a2iSTEM so please use them as resources about careers, school, and anything you need!

Target Group: Higher Education (College-Graduate School-Young Professional)

Women@NASA  wants to encourage young girls to continue studying math and science, and that is why we put so much time and effort into NASA G.I.R.L.S. and Aspire 2 Inspire.  However, we feel it is vital to ensure those girls grow to be young women who enter into STEM majors in college and careers as young professionals.   Every year, NASA celebrates Women’s History Month in March with an event targeting these women.  We aim to provide the right resources and guidance necessary to enter and remain in STEM careers.  We fully believe this is key to alleviating the maladies facing the human race.  Follow us on Twitter @WomenNASA for other events targeting this group that we host throughout the year .

Target Group: NASA Employees

The Women@NASA Spotlight recognition allows NASA employees to recognize each other for a job well done.  Contractors and civil servants at all NASA centers and facilities are eligible.  Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis, and one woman will be spotlighted per month.   Visit here to learn more on how to nominate a colleague. We believe peer recognition is of utmost value!

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Other Ways to Be Involved

We are developling a smartphone app!  We won’t release too many details, but let’s just say it will be fun and educational.  Maybe a tad more on the fun side! If you have ideas, please share with us via any of the methods discussed here.