For Students of NASA GIRLS and NASA BOYS

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NASA GIRLS and BOYS Lesson Packets

Your mentor will tell you which of these options you need to go to for each week. If he or she hasn’t told you yet, just ask!

Parent Preparation: There is only one week where you will need to prepare. For week 3’s engineering activities, there are a few supplies necessary to obtain before your session. The list can be obtained at the links below. However, if you prefer not to have an activity requiring supplies, just email us. We will find an alternative choice.

For the other weeks, neither you nor the student needs to prepare. The activity will be done with the mentor during your one hour session.

Most importantly, have fun!

Week 1: Science
Option 1: Interstellar Trip
Option 2: Design Your Own Planet
*Mac compatibility with this website is not perfect
Option 3: Extracting DNA
*Supplies required (some cost associated) and listed at website
Option 4: Power of 10: Relative Size in the Universe

Week 2: Technology
Option 1: What’s inside my computer?
Option 2: People and Technology
Option 3: How Technology is Used
*Extra Student Resource: NASA Spinoffs
Option 4: How Space may Be in My Home!

Week 3: Engineering
Option 1: Making a Robot Hand
*Supplies required (some cost associated) and listed at website
Option 2: Making a Wright Brothers Airplane Model
*Supplies required (some cost associated) and listed at website
Option 3: Buoyancy and Displacement
*Supplies required (some cost associated) and listed at website
Option 4: Engineering: Toy Dissection
*Supplies required include an item in your home plus basic tools like screw drivers (see website for details)
Option 5: Miles from Tomorrowland: Catch that IOTA!
*No supplies required

Week 4: Math
Option 1: Math and Privatization of Space
Option 2: Math and Mars
Option 3: Fractions and Planets/Moons

Week 5: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and the Real World
Students can tell the mentors what their favorite week was and pick another lesson that hasn’t been done yet. For example, if the student loved engineering week and built the robot hand with his or her mentor, then for this last week, the mentor will revisit the engineering options and choose one of the other lessons above. The student and mentor should talk in more detail about engineering like why was it the student’s favorite week.

More Resources
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