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Are you an employee, contractor or civil servant, of NASA? Do you know a woman at NASA who deserves to be recognized? Perhaps you think she has contributed to NASA’s mission directly. Or maybe she’s been a key point of contact in advancing a new technological project. She could be an engineer who has magnetic leadership capabilities. Or maybe you think the woman next to you is amazing because somehow she seems so put together each day? You wonder if she is balancing everything you are, and the thought of this possibility impresses you.

Women@NASA is thrilled to open up a peer-nominated spotlight for our own employees. It’s your chance to congratulate a colleague on a job well done, no matter how thankless a task seems or how humble she is to think “it’s my job” to do it. So go ahead-read on and nominate!

Nomination Process
Deadline: None. Nominations are now being accepted without a deadline.

Correspondence: Send an email nomination of 250 words or less to Please make the subject line read: ‘Women@NASA Spotlight Nomination’.

Selection: The Women@NASA project manager will collect nominations and select one each month to spotlight. The nominee will be notified, interviewed, and a story will be posted on Women@NASA’s site. The story will be promoted on Facebook and Twitter, among other methods.


Spotlight Stories

April 2015

Rebecca at Langley Wind Tunnel

June 2013

photo of Claire Parkinson

October 2012